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Good news!!

You know what? Today after coming home, I accidentally knew from my dear mother that the one who i once dreamed of  being his life partner is hooked up in a kind of date…the funny thing that i know the girl and she’s so not his type…actually no girl is his type…Mr. weird …or Mr. freezer as me and my best friends used to call him.. needs a girl who’s free of everything (free of brain also). Dear Mr. x congratulation with your new free girl that’s if she suits you .I’m moStlY pRoud tO be Who I was ..I mean come on !! I had the best Place in you by being different from your wide knowledge of girls as you used to say and  among all the regrets and failures Which will be The fragrance Of your Future blessings …and as “Ahlam Moustaghanmi” used to say ” only the next girl after me will please me after she takes all what’s in your pocket..then you’ll find how much you’ve been rich in me”…well done my dear well done

هنا وبوقتي المتلعثم جراء خصومات الدقائق ، أتحرش بجزيئات الثواني


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