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My First rebel

تشتت ،استقرار ، انتظار، أمل ، يقين ، شك ، حرية ، تمرد

Well to really start my rebellion blog I just wanted to  start by saying why and on what I wanted to rebel ..in fact Iwanna rebel on everything that doesn’t make sense to me. I wanna rebel on Love stories that happen with me or with others.I wanna rebel on life that doesn’t make sense. I wanna rebel on problems that don’t make sense…. guys When you are dispirited, held back, beat down and you have no one,you can give up, give in, or you can find those things you need to stand within yourself.If no one else believes in you, then you must believe in yourself.If you can not get the love you need from others, you must make room in your heart and give that love to yourself.You must accept yourself exactly as you are, all your flaws, all your faults, all your dreams…. In general rebel on everything else but yourself just work on making it better…Just Rebel


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